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Julie Dykema: Professional Organizer. Avid list maker. Relatable PB&J consumer.

Born and raised in Frisco, Texas, Julie created lists as soon as she could write and categorized her toys on her own: likely the foreshadowed formula for a future professional organizer. Although she manages to survive without coffee and cocktails (I know, we don’t get it either), this woman tackles more in a day than most touch in a week (did we mention she became a mother of 3 in just 4 years?).

In college, Julie was every parent’s dream babysitter—avidly organizing playrooms and pantries during nap time. When she started to get calls to organize through referrals, her entrepreneur spirit was born. Julie spent 5 years post-college in real estate title, and she was exposed and inspired by the stressful moving and unpacking process. Her passion for organizing became more than a side hustle, and she launched her business to focus on the work that she loved while simultaneously creating more time for her family.

Fueled by one of her kiddo’s left over PB&Js, you can find Julie jamming to Christmas music year round—likely in a client’s pantry (her happy place). Perhaps one of her greatest strengths is her ability to relate to her clients. She keeps three tiny humans alive and well while running two successful businesses. She knows firsthand that an organized home is an efficient home. No one has time to flip cushions in search of the car keys with a baby on their hip. She gets it. And it shows in the work she provides for her clients.