You make it clean, we keep it pretty. 

Our Closet Valet service is designed to refresh and maintain your perfectly organized closet to make your busy life that much easier. 

If you’re guilty of restarting the dryer for a third time because you’re not mentally prepared to hang, iron and fold its contents...we’re here to help.


  • We will iron, steam, fold, hang, and put away provided laundry. 

  • We will refresh closet and clothing drawers with color coordination and folding.

  • We will rehang dry cleaning onto your hangers and put away in its proper place.



  • Client must have closets and drawers organized by our team prior to the Closet Valet program. See here.

  • Client must have laundry cleaned prior to the “Closet Valet session. We are more of a closet maintenance program and less of a laundry cleaning service.



  • $50/hr for first “observation” month followed by a calculated flat fee for the following months based on observation hours 

  • Service can be scheduled weekly or biweekly.