professional organizing


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Just think of us as a cleanse…for your closet. Following a few structured steps will inevitably make you an even better version of yourself.

Step 1: We chat.
A quick call to talk about your organizing needs and see if our services are a solid fit. 

Step 2: We meet.
Let's take a look at what we're working with while we explore your style and budget. ($100/hr in-home consultation)

Step 3: We agree.
Documented proof of everything we chatted about when we met. You sign. We sign. Everyone wins. 

Step 4:  We make magic happen. 
This is the part where you cry happy tears and we get our hands dirty. We'll work together on an hourly basis until every last label is in place. ($150/hr for a team of two. $50/hr for additional organizers)


Types of Jobs


This can include any and every nook and cranny in your house! We can give your space a complete renovation which includes removal of current built-ins and installation of retail or custom shelving systems. If starting from scratch isn’t your choice, we can use your existing space and give it a facelift to create a system that works better for you.

Home Sellers and Buyers

Are you buying or selling a home? Did you recently move in? We can help you get organized for upcoming showings, reduce clutter before the big move, or help you unpack and start fresh with an organized space!


Is your business overwhelmed with paperwork and disorganized filing systems? We can optimize your workstations, organize your paperwork, and implement efficient systems to keep track of important documents.

Virtual Organizing

  • This service is for those who love a good DIY challenge but need some help getting started! We can visit your space (or view pictures if you are not in the DFW area) and give you a game plan which you can then execute yourself! This includes space assessment, planning, and product suggestions.

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